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Use the Checklist

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program Checklist can help physical educators develop a more robust fitness education process. Adherence to this checklist helps schools meet SHAPE America’s National Physical Education Standards. Some of these requirements may already be in place. For some schools, meeting these requirements may take one or more years.

Already fulfilling the checklist? Your school may be eligible to be recognized as a Presidential Youth Fitness Program school. Learn more.


Instruction and Assessment

Teach Fitness Concepts


  • Components of health-related fitness: why each is important, how each is measured and developed
  • Difference between skill- and health-related fitness
  • Principles of training
  • Importance of health-related fitness and physical activity for good health

Prepare Students

  • Explain and model the importance of conditioning
  • Review proper protocol for each FitnessGram® assessment
    • SPECIAL NOTE: Use the PYFP Fitness Club in grades K-3
  • Provide multiple opportunities to practice (formal, peer and self-assessment)
  • Identify physical activities students can do at home or in their community

Conduct Assessment

  • Determine type of testing to be conducted (e.g., self-testing, individualized, institutional, or personal)
    • SPECIAL NOTE: Use the Brockport Physical Fitness Test on students not presently able to perform one or more FitnessGram test items
  • Reinforce why each assessment is important, the component of health that it measures, and physical activities that can influence it

Analyze Results at Various Levels (student, class, grade, school)

  • Explain the purpose of the Healthy Fitness Zone®standards
  • Compare FitnessGram results to the Healthy Fitness Zone standards
  • Use results to make student and program decisions
    • SPECIAL NOTES: FitnessGram results should not be used to assign student grades or evaluate teacher performance
    • FitnessGram results should not be posted publicly unless in aggregate form or when confidentially communicated with the student and/or parent
    • For students in grades 4-12, FitnessGram or Brockport results can be used to determine achievement of the Presidential Youth Fitness Award

Help Students Set Personal Goals

  • Explain and demonstrate how to use results to set realistic age and gender appropriate goals for improvement

Help Students Create Plan for Improvement

  • Explain and demonstrate how to develop a personal fitness or physical activity plan utilizing the principles of training

Help students Track Progress

  • Explain and demonstrate how to record and maintain physical activity log aligned to goals and personal fitness or physical activity plan
  • Explain and demonstrate how to record in- and out-of-school physical activity time
    • SPECIAL NOTE: The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) provides a ready-made way to track daily physical activity and achievement of healthy eating goals


  • Repeat FitnessGram assessment
  • Explain how to evaluate progress and revise goals and physical activity or fitness plan